Getting Ready for the Launch

The ‘Space Shuttle Launch’ has started. Getting ready for the Countdown… Our belongings are boxed. The machine is ready enough to fly and will be able to reach one of the nearby planets with more bearable temperatures. There, the construction work will continue.

The crew is excited and a perhaps a smidgen nervous. Only half of the interior work is done. How will the trip unravel? One thing is certain: the Adventure has started.

Mission: ‘In search of a Warmer planet.’

Progress on the tiny mobile home

Our Tiny Home is gradually growing!

The temperatures dropped substantially, right when David wanted to install the 4 1(00 Watt each) solar panels and run some of the wires. The kitchen frame is welded and the fridge has been added. The water-system is in and the pump makes the water run.

We are not at all done, walls still need to go in, painting needs to happen, lights need to be hung everywhere and detail is going to be added.

First… we are driving off towards route 66, and then lower south, in search of sunshine so that we can work in a comfortable temperature.

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Art as Altriusm?

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10-11

Old scriptures speak about serving god, serving the creator or serving the light. But what does this mean? Does ‘serving’ mean that we need to nullify our own desires, and make others happy? Or is this perhaps a misunderstanding of the idea?

The Kabbalah speaks of altruisms, and it reminds us that we are not separate from, but part of, our world. Altruism is about being united with others.

I have been thinking for a long time on altriusm, and I think I will continue to think about this for a while longer. It is so multi-facetted.

Taking care of others is taking care of ourselves. Altruism means living without egoism. I don’t think that living without egoism means that we need to create a void in our hearts, because we stop doing what we love in order to serve others (which is basically what a day-time job is). No, there can be no void, when we speak about creation. Thus, when you are serving another and your heart is not involved, you are not serving. You are harming yourself.

Serving doesn’t mean we need to go against our desires. I think it just means that our desires must come from the heart. Because then, what you create, shows the size of your heart. That means, that when we create with our hearts, we create… ART

The bible says, ‘God created man in his image.’ We are creators, and our purest, most beautiful and deepest creations, are Godly.



Clean Water

We put in our 3-filter water system, the kitchen is coming together! We have a waterpump and David made a switch from an old coconut cup. We have 3 filters (sediment carbon en fluoride filter) so we can even use lake water for our drinking water. Our Space Shuttle RV, will be able to support us while being off the grid.


Christmas Deal

For the Holidays, my book will be 50% off.

Read your warm-winter-days about a an old civilisation that changes the modern world, purely by using their thoughts!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

The Golden Doodle and the Tiny Home

My favorite pictures of your new home (in the making), and our lovely dog (already made), made by my beautiful photographer husband.

The new cover

A little preview of the new book cover, though… I am not giving away the title. I changed my idea and it has been renamed. So that will be a surprise…

My Tiny Home – Bus Conversion: The Stove

Since the temperature rose with a few degrees, David was able to weld a kitchen-frame together. Now we are going to decorate it with stone slabs and matching wood. It is really a challenge to rebuild an entire vehicle while the wind is licking every extremity of the body and trying to freeze it.

The only way to do it: Layers of clothes, a small heater in the bus and lots of breaks to warm up inside. The doggie doesn’t seem to notice any of the cold, she keeps rolling, playing and running outside. Before we drive out to a warmer location, we do have the aim of having the kitchen, the bed and the table ready. I also would like to have a seat next to
the driver, since driving alone… is boring.


Detail is everything!

Often, when we observe the things that draw our attention in life, we can conclude that attractive things, have tremendous detail. Perfection is not the idea itself, it is the execution and the amount of detail that is applied. Look at nature! A better example of detail I can’t find. It is in our nature to like perfection, so we might as well do the best we can, to create a world that can live up to it. And that means, quality over quantity.
I think I get so nauseous from wall-mart and other massive commercial yet shitty chain-stores, because it is full of quantity, and 0 quality.

One of the most miraculous examples of detail, perfection and intense devotion, is the boxtrolls. It is pure art, made in our times. I know its hard to compare art over the centuries, but I’d say, its a rembrand.
By seeing this, I’d can’t help but thinking: I’m happy I live today.


A little My tiny Home update.

The floor is in! We chose a rubber floor with wood-print, it is water proof and not too heavy and has a nice cherry color. But since we already had it chip once, we might opt for a real wood floor later, but that we will do in warmer weather. The weather has been harsh… it is snowing often and the frost crawls into the shuttle from all directions. We insulated the bus immediately with mylar rescue blankets and mylar bubble-wrap-insulation. Mylar bubble wrap will go in all the walls and is put on the floor. For now, the bed and the drawers have priority, and then the kitchen will go in. We used two of the old shuttle chairs for our workspace, they will get new covers. We are still looking for a suitable table.

It is coming together, though the motor gave us a 2-day setback, the airco air-compressor broke down and the belt of the engine broke a well. Good thing this happened on the driveway and not on the highway! She got tune-up and now she runs perfectly!

A new Adventure

What do you do when you are starting up artists careers?

You live as minimal as you can, until things change. Its a choice in life we made, and I can’t be more excited. Living minimal, in our case means, living in a Tiny Mobile Home. What better than a moving work-station for a writer and a photographer. We got a small shuttle bus, that now is going to house us for the upcoming months. We got the supplies, it’s gonna have a kitchen, a bed and a work table, 2 monitors, adjustable LED lighting, kitchen and all kinds of tech stuff! Now it needs to be put together. The weather is a bit rough though, -13C/ 7F is not the nicest for outside projects…

New Cover

Working hard on the second book in the Rift Series!

This is as far as I have gotten with the cover design.


Pharrell – Happiness is for everyone

“Happiness doesn’t cost anything, it is a perception. Everybody has the right to be happy.”

I don’t think I’ve seen a nicer, more caring artist than this man…. What an inspiration!

Believing in…

My favourite movie director Tarsem Singh. His movies are pure pieces of art, often with a wonderful message.

Every morning when I get up, I watch this video, to start a faithful, lively and colourful day. I guess everyone has their own kind or prayer.

Keep dreaming people… it’s important.